Jupiter JBS1000 Baritone Saxophone

JBS1000 Square.jpg
JBS1000 Square.jpg

Jupiter JBS1000 Baritone Saxophone

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A perfect baritone sax for the school or doubler, the JBS1000 has all of the features you will need. A low A key, tilting Bb spatula key and Jupiter's legendary tone come standard. Gold lacquer finish. 

• Gold-Lacquered Brass Body ensures the most accurate scale and playability and finished with a golden lacquer to ensure lasting durability and beauty
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys are made from the highest quality tempered brass then finished with a high gloss gold-lacquer for lasting beauty
• Adjustable height palm keys enable any size hand to fit comfortably on the upper stack. 

5 Year Warranty

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• Key of Eb
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Body
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Neck
• Gold-Lacquered Brass Keys
• Low A
• High F# 
• Plastic Tone Boosters
• Blued Steel Springs
• Tilting G#-Bb Table Keys
• Adjustable Plastic Thumb Rest
• Adjustable Palm Keys
• Wood-Frame Case with Wheels